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Fit Brain - improve memory


Concentration, attention, acumen and good visual recollection - that is what you'll need in this game. The game will be trying to addle your brain, but your work is to show the acuity of your brain, act quickly and use your memory power to overcome the challenge.The main principle of the game MemBrain is based on famous pairs match game, where you need to find and match two identical images. However in MemBrain you'll need not only to recollect the position of the passing cards, but also find the main feature that unites them, what increases your spatial intelligence.These features are:
- the sum of the numbers in type MATH, which improves your mental mathemetics and concentration.- passing halves of the circle in type DETAILS for your focus and the acuity of your brain.- associative principle in type ASSOCIATIONS which tests your ability to analyse logical syllogisms
The only exception is type COLORS, where you should find the card with identical color.
Practicing a brain fitness with MemBrain you can improve your concentration, visual memory, cogitation, spatial intelligence, rumination, acumen, brilliance and acuity of your brain.
The level of mental math's difficulty is selected so that arithmetical calculation would be a problem neither for kids nor for adults. The process of holding the number in your memory and at the same time recollecting the place where the right card stands, helps to effectively train your visual and calculative memory.
All RESULTS of the games played are being saved in MemBrain and are showed in the TABLE OF RECORDS in a form of graphs in every level of difficulty, so that you can always see your best results and track your progress in improving your memory and concentration. You can track your progress up to 10 000 games back.
Progressive score system stimulates your focus and concentration on the game.
Don’t let your brain muscle become a clout and reach the peak of your possibilities with MemBrain. Start training now!
Game now is translated for you in 4 languages: English, German, Russian and Polish.